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Ready to accelerate your communications? 

Viestintailme offers a vast array of communications services for companies and communities. Our vision is to accelerate our customers’ success through relevant and impactful messaging that addresses the needs of strategically targeted audiences. We view communications as a component of leadership that fosters productive business activity. We help our clients to express their messages and to be understood. Whether project by project or a full-scale comprehensive campaign, our team is ready and motivated to enhance the efficacy of your communications.

The company is a network of creative geniuses dedicated to taking your communications to the next level. The brilliant mastermind behind this venture, Pirjo Lokka, has almost 30 years of combined experience in global communications. For more than 7 years, she directed the communications department at DB Schenker in Finland. Prior to this, she was a key influencer as a communications officer at KCL, the Finnish Pulp and Paper Research Institute. Pirjo’s portfolio also includes years of experience as a freelance reporter.

We offer communications services just when you need them as much as you need them. You will receive know-how and certainty new ideas as well. 

Some examples of our services

  • Media services (contacts, press briefings & conferences, monitoring services)
  • Publications (sales materials/brochures, customer magazines, e-magazines, newsletters)
  • Internal and external communications (web, social media, events)
  • Planning and producing of communications and crisis strategies, training
  • Producing of Design and Brand manuals
  • Basic tools for office communications (templates, information material, logos, colors etc.)
  • Producing and editing articles

Viestintailme is ready to partner with you and is fully equipped to handle all your outsourced communication needs. 

Contact information:
Viestintailme Oy
Mrs. Pirjo Lokka, Communications consultant
Address: Purokaari 7, FI-07560 Pukkila, Finland
tel. +358 (0)400 729 093
e-mails: pirjo.lokka(at)viestintailme.fi or info(at)viestintailme.fi